Series 1100

In addition to the so-called workbench laser micrometer of the 1200 series, there are the modular laser micrometers of the 1100 series. The use of high-precision parabolic mirrors in the 1100 series ensures an extremely small linearity deviation as well as highest temperature stability over the entire measuring range. The operation is done by a separate controller and is identical to the Series 1200.

Model 1104 1104HP 1104C
Measurement range 0,3-115 mm 0,25-115 mm 2-115 mm
MPE  * ±0,0025mm Ø0,25-50mm  = ±0,5 µm Ø50-100mm  = ±0,8µm Ø100-115mm = ±1,2µm ±0,0025 mm
* MPE = represents the maximum permissible error on the traceable factory calibration, based on 20°C and 50% relative humidity. The specifications are valid for the entire measuring range and for any point within the measuring range