Our products

The Z-Mike Lasermesstechnik GmbH, with a Europe-wide presence, stood for competence in precise, non-contact dimensional measurement of rotationally symmetrical workpieces for over 20 years.

Serie 1200

The 1200 series represents the classic laser micrometer with the precision of a fine measuring room, suitable for the production area. With measuring ranges up to 50 mm, this laser micrometer covers a wide range of products. Its range of application extends from the measuring pin via the precision shaft to the PCD tool.

Serie 1100

In addition to the so-called workbench laser micrometer of the 1200 series, there are the modular laser micrometers of the 1100 series. The use of high-precision parabolic mirrors in the 1100 series ensures an extremely small linearity deviation as well as highest temperature stability over the entire measuring range. The operation is done by a separate controller and is identical to the Series 1200.