Serie 1200

The 1200 series represents the classic laser micrometer with the precision of a fine measuring room, suitable for the production area.

With measuring ranges up to 50 mm, this laser micrometer covers a wide range of products.

Its range of application extends from the measuring pin via the precision shaft to the PCD tool.

Model 1210 Pro 1220 Pro
Measurement range * 0,08-25,4 mm 0,2-50,8 mm
MPE  ** ±0,0004 mm ±0,0007 mm

* A measuring range from 0.025 mm is optionally available for the model 1210 Pro. For the model 1220 Pro, an elliptical beam expansion to 2.5 mm is optionally available for measurement on very rough surfaces.

** MPE = represents the maximum permissible error on the traceable factory calibration, based on 20°C and 50% relative humidity. The specifications are valid for the entire measuring range and for any point within the measuring range